What Can One Discover in Downtown Los Angeles?

For decades past the downtown area had evolved to high rise office buildings for corporate America. Recently city planners have tried to bring new residents in the area. Luxury lofts and entertainment centers have begun to sprout in different directions.

What are the can’t afford to miss places in Downtown Los Angeles? Let us start our journey with the Museum of Contemporary Art. It has a permanent European and American collection with notable artists such as Robert Frank, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline. If it’s more musical art forms you enjoy, The Music Center is one of the leading performance venues. The Los Angeles Music Chorale, the Los Angeles opera and the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform here regularly and it would pay to check listings in advance so you can schedule a time when one of them is performing.

Since this is Los Angeles there should be something about fashion here right? True as that is here in down town it’s more about merchants and wholesalers. A very popular fashion activity though is the Mega market sale in the California Market Center every last Friday of the month. Here up and coming designers sell unique pieces, prototypes and excess stocks. Another fashion place you may want to visit is the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandizing. It has a rotating exhibit of Oscar gowns to other accessories. Jewelry, books, and fashion pieces are available in their museum shop.

Broadway should not escape your list, as the architecture in the area is reminiscent of times past. Broadway started in the early 19th century with designer shops and upscale theatres. Although most of the area now caters to the Mexican and Central American community there are tours given by the Los Angeles Conservancy that will walk you through the architectural districts and landmarks.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is possibly one of the newest places in our list as it was officially opened in 2002. And although it is relatively recent it has already become a part of the life of downtown L.A. There is a plaza in front with a children’s play garden. The heavy bronze entry doors are carved with images of the Virgin Mary and multicultural images. There is a tour that will guide you all the way to the maze like mausoleum. There were many designers that helped in its creation so it is also a tour of modern art.

Of course one of the iconic places in Los Angeles would be Chinatown. Although not as big as the famed Chinatown of San Francisco it still embodies the ethnicity that established it. Located near Union Station Asian denizens as well as tourists mingle at spice shops, restaurants and trinket shops. The best time to visit Chinatown is of course during Chinese New Year when all the bells whistles and dragons are present.

If you are a sports fan you have to amble over to the Staples center as it is the home of the L.A. Lakers, Clippers, the Sparks and the Ice hockey team the Los Angeles Kings.

For an authentic feel of what the locals experience the Grand Central Market literally gives you a taste of Los Angeles. This is the city’s largest food market. There are cooked white-corn tamales, dried figs, and Chicken coconut soup to name a few. Also fresh meat, vegetables and spices are in abundance. So head over to S. Broadway and get you slice of downtown Los Angeles.

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Angel Crafts – 7 Christmas Angels to Make

Angels are easy to make, have many uses and can be crafted from out of so many different mediums. Of course angels make great Christmas ornaments, but other uses for angels include party favors, secret pal gifts and package adornments. Homemade angels can be attached to Christmas cards, wreaths and so much more. What would the holiday season be without angels?

Felt Angel – Cut a body and wings out of 2 pieces of felt. Glue or use double sided tape to attach the 2 body pieces and wing pieces. Use a wooden bead for her head and yarn for her hair. To attach her head, take a couple of stitches in the neck of the felt. Pull the thread through the top and bottom hole of the bead. Loop the thread for a hanger and pull it back down to the neck. Tie it off.

Clothespin Angel – Use an old-fashioned clothespin, a wooden bead head and 5 inches of 4″ wide gathered lace for her dress. Use 20 inches of 1″ wide lace fashioned into a bow for her wings.

Leaf Angel – Use large leaves for the body, half a walnut shell for the head and long narrow leaves for the arms. Fashion an oval with the large leaves and glue them together. Glue the half walnut shell close to the top for a head. Glue the ends of the long narrow leaves under the head and fold them in so they are touching. Add a bouquet of flowers in the arms.

Pinecone Angel – Use a pinecone the body and remove the petals off another pinecone and fashion angel wings from the pinecone petals. A small wooden ball or styrofoam ball can be her head.

Yarn Angel

Use about 10 yards of baby yarn. Use a 4″ x 4″ piece of cardboard and wrap the yarn around it 40 times. Slide the yarn off the cardboard carefully. Tie one end of loops together at the top (using the same baby yarn). Cut the bottom loops of yarn. Tie off a head about 1″ below the top of the yarn. Use embroidery floss to make a nose, eyes and mouth.

Arms – pull 15 strands of yarn from each side below the neckline. Tie the arms one inch from the body.
Waist – Tie a waist (using the baby yarn) one inch below where the neck is tied. Fold the arms across the waist so the hands touch and sew them to the body.
Wings – Purchase cardboard wings or make them yourself and fasten to the back of the angel. Add a wire halo and thread loop for hanging.

Ribbon Angel
2 silver pipe cleaners
ribbon – 8″ long
wooden bead (with hole)
gold embroidery floss
white glue

Tie the ribbon into a bow. This will be the angel’s body. Bend one pipe cleaner in half. Insert it into the hole in the bead with a little white glue. Cut the embroidery floss for hair and add eyes and a mouth with a permanent marker. Spread glue on the top of the head and add hair.

Make a halo with the other pipe cleaner. Insert the pipe cleaner with the head and the pipe cleaner stick that has the halo with the knot of the bow.

Noodle Angel
Glue: Hot glue, silicone glue
Paint: White spray paint, red and black paint
Noodles: Bow tie, macaroni, ragatoni, small Acini di pepe pasta
3/4″ wooden head ball
White thumb tack
Head and Body: Glue the head ball to the top of a ragatoni noodle with hot glue.

Hair: Using a toothpick, put silicone glue on the angel’s ball head only where the hair will be. Then hold the body and roll the head in the acini di pepe pasta in a dish. Press noodles down firmly.

Tree Hanger: Cut a 4 inch piece of gold thread. Fold the thread in half and work the ends of the thread under the hair noodles with a toothpick. Let the glue dry well.

The Rest: Glue on 2 macaroni noodles for her arms and a bow tie noodle for her wings with silicone glue. The macaroni noodles should be placed flat against her body so they kind of look like small telephone receivers. Both holes of the macaroni noodle will be facing you. Set the thumb tack at the end of her arms for a candlestick. Let it dry. Spray paint the angel with white spray paint. When dry, use a stylus or the end of a paintbrush and draw a small mouth and eyes. Paint the very tip of the thumbtack red. Make a small red bow and gluei it under the angel’s head.

If you can’t find acini di pepe pasta, you can use any other teeny tiny noodles you can locate.

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Fashion Angel Investors Can Make Your Creative Dream Venture Come True

You can make a killing in fashion with creativity and upfront help from Fashion Angel Investors. Despite being a risky venture, the fashion industry has the potential of churning out money spinners. If you are endowed with artistic skills and can create new wonders in the world of fashion, it is the business area that you should be in. It is easy to kick start your venture with help from investors who have an eye on fashion.

Get funding for a wide array of fashion business ideas

As the fashion industry involves a wide gamut of activities, you can raise capital for a wide array of ventures like designers, retailers, wholesalers, modeling agents and scouts, models, manufacturing and importing different ranges of fashion garments and accessories. If you have an idea ticking in your head that has the potential to create raves in the fashion world, your best bet would be to fall back on Fashion Angel Investors to kick start your venture.

It is not that only skills in fashion can see you through as you need loads of expertise in running a successful business enterprise as well. You need to manage and plan fund allocation to ensure profitability of your fashion business. A super creative idea needs to be nurtured and honed for the fruits to show in the short and the long term as well. Fashion Angel Investors are on the lookout for surefire profitability and they are willing to go the extra mile to finance a winning scheme.

Before jumping into the fray, do some real time research. But you can also benefit by filling out a simple form and getting a survey done. It would help the investors assess your case and update you about the latest developments while providing upfront information on comparative analysis of your competitors. You know instantly where you stand in terms of your venture and how others are faring in the industry.

Angel investors identify surefire profitable ideas

As the investors usually fund entrepreneurs near their area of operations, work hard to attract markets far away from you. Depending only on local customers can restrict your growth and profitability as you would be missing out on sizzling markets elsewhere. To make the most of your creative venture, check out online sales possibilities to take your business to the next level. Instead of only local customers, open your products to the entire world.

Fashion business is characterized by ruthless competition and to stay on the top, you need to be extra vigilant and never let go of an opportunity. Investors come like angels to fund fashion ideas and they have a nose for identifying the right ventures that can yield reasonable surefire profits to ensure they get good returns. With experts having years of business experience behind them, Fashion Angel Investors can make your dream venture come true.

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How To Tackle Fashion Angel Investors

The fashion industry has its incredible highs and with that, it’s incredible lows as well, so if you are looking to venture out into the fashion industry, then it is a good idea to take the help of fashion angel investors. They can make a big difference to your business. We all know that being successful in fashion is more about having the right connections and backing than talent, that’s where a fashion angel investor comes in.

Why You Need Them

Now when you’re starting off, you should definitely consider a financier to invest in your business rather than a venture capital firm. Why? This is because the idea of venture investment has changed a whole lot in the last decade or so. Before the entire technology boom (and subsequent bust!), venture capital firms were approached for funding small businesses and companies. But now that has changed because venture capitalists have much more cash at their disposal and they prefer to invest in larger companies.

So angel investor groups have actually taken the place vacated by venture capitalists. They play the role of mini venture capital funds. The basic requirement for any angel investor is that they should be an accredited investor, which means that they should have liquid cash over and above the amount they have at their disposal because of their property and their little nest egg. An angel investor who is cautious and rational will invest about ten percent of the ready in your business.

In the fashion business, financing is of huge importance because, let’s face it, the fashion industry, more than any other industry requires large amount of funding in its initial stages because:

A great deal of money needs to be spent on marketing.
Social dos are a must where one can network and court potential clients.
One needs to have skilled tailors and workers.
Designers should be extremely talented and from good schools.
The material for making the shoes, clothes, bags or anything should be of very good quality.

How To Grab Their Attention

None of this comes for cheap. Fashion industries require a great deal of working capital, right from their inception stage. And this capital cannot be generated by the business only. If, of course you are already a wealthy person, this should not be a problem, but if not, and this is generally the case, you should definitely look into funding options.

Before approaching fashion angel investors you should draw up a convincing plan of action – a business plan so to speak. Of course you should never reveal your trade secrets, but you get the drift. More often than not, the fashion angel group of investors you approach will be smart enough to figure out what exactly you intend to do without you spelling it out.

Offer them a good stake in your company. You can also attract an angel investor’s attention through say, press releases. Why? Because they make it a point to thoroughly look through press releases of upcoming companies. Last, but not the least, remember to do loads of networking in order to court fashion angel investors.

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